Chile FAI Sailplane Grand Prix roundup
Entry list updated, showing received entry fee

The Entry list is updated, showing received entry fee.

Banking details can be found on news from 31.12.2015

SGP Chile finally started!

After a cancelled day because of bad weather, it was finally posible to fly!!
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Chile FAI Sailplane Grand Prix preview
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7th SGP Series (2016)
ChileVitacura23 Jan-30 Jan, 2016
SpainCerdanya17 Apr-23 Apr, 2016
RussiaUsman1 May-8 May, 2016
ItalyVarese14 May-21 May, 2016
FranceRennes4 Jun-11 Jun, 2016
AustriaNiederöblarn18 Jun-25 Jun, 2016
UKBicester9 Jul-17 Jul, 2016
USAIonia24 Jul-31 Jul, 2016
GermanyMusbach6 Aug-13 Aug, 2016
World Final Potchefstroom5 Nov-12 Nov, 2016
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17 Apr - 23 Apr
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Vitacura - Chile

We're waiting for the first results
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