Series 6 Live Cerdanya
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Italian SGP - Varese - Race report

The Italy Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix took place in Varese from 14 to 21 June with 18 the competitors from 6 countries : Argentina, Austria, Chech Republic, Germany, Italy, Slovenia.

Le Grand Prix de Varese 2014

Le Grand Prix d'Italie, qualificatif pour le Grand Prix Mondial 2015 s'est déroulé à Varese 14 au 21 Juin.  18 pilotes venant de 6 pays (Allemagne,  Argentine, Autriche, Italie, République Tchèque, Slovénie) étaient au départ. 

Italienische SGP Varese 2014

Der Italienische Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix fand von 14. bis 21. Juni in Varese statt. Mit dabei waren 18 Teilnehmer aus 6 Nationen, genauer aus Argentinien, Österreich, Tschechien, Deutschland, Slowenien und natürlich Italien.

French SGP - Rennes - Race Review

The Grand Prix France 2014 has been held from the 7th to the 14th of June 2014 at Saint-Sulpice airfield. It’s the first qualifying GP for the 6th Grand Prix final in 2015 in Italy.

Grand Prix de France 2014 à Saint-Sulpice : 8/8!

Le Grand Prix de France 2014 s’est déroulé du 7 au 14 juin sur l’aérodrome de Saint-Sulpice des Landes. Il est le premier de la série qualificative pour la 6ème finale mondiale qui aura lieu en 2015 en Italie.

FAI SGP Frankreich 2014 - Rennes Saint-Sulpice : 8/8!

Der Grand Prix de France 2014 fand von 7. bis 14. Juni auf den Flugplatz Saint-Sulpice statt. Dies war der erste Qualifikations Grand Prix für die 6. Grand Prix Serie, welche mit dem Finale 2015 im italienischen Varese endet.

SGP Final 2014 - Sisteron - Race review

The first-ever final of a Sailplane Grand Prix was held at Saint Auban in the southern Alps in 2005 so it was satisfying to see the final of the 5th series of the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix run nearby at Sisteron.

SGP Series 6 rules amendment published

Following the Sisteron SGP Final and the remarks received from the pilots, the SGP Management Group has decided to do some fine tuning to the rules for the 6th series.

The new document can be found here or on the documents section of each Series 6 event. Changes to the document made since version 5 are marked in red.

Video Gallery
SPG Final 2014 - Day 8 Highlights
SGP Final 2014 - Day 7 Highlights
SGP Final 2014 - Day 6 Highlights
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ChileSantiago24 Jan-31 Jan, 2015
Czech RepublicFrydlant2 May-9 May, 2015
PolandZar25 Jul-1 Aug, 2015
World Final Varese5 Sep-12 Sep, 2015
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Rennes - France
Rennes - France
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Varese - Italy
Varese - Italy
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