Langer Win 1

Stefan Langer is SGP World Champion

After four gripping race days at SGP Final Pavullo, Stefan Langer from Germany won the SGP world Series XI. Erik Borgmann from Netherlands took 2nd place and Hermann Leucker from Germany took 3rd place after a gripping final race at SGP Final Pavullo. You can see video…
Gawler Sky

Sailplane Grand Prix Gawler Finishes in Style

After 6 Races on the final day Gawler provided magnificent soaring conditions. A trough crossed the task area bringing 12,000ft plus cloudbases and 10 kt plus climbs throughout the task area. The 313.9 km task was won in style by Pete Temple with a task speed of 149.9 kph. Pete…
P2 Alan Dean

Sailplane Grand Prix Gawler Finishes in Style

Pete Temple SGP Gawler Champion The weather on the final day of SGP Gawler After 6 Races on the final day Gawler provided magnificent soaring conditions. A trough crossed the task area bringing 12,000ft plus cloudbases and 10 kt plus climbs throughout the task area. The 313.9 km…

Accident at SGP South Africa - Pilot safe and recovering

Following an accident during Race 3 of the Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix of South Africa in Worcester, well-known German Pilot Mathias Schunk unfortunately had an accident while racing with other pilots along the ridges.Mathias has been able to communicate with the local…
SGP Poland 7

FAI Sailplane Grand Prix 12th Series

The FAI Sailplane Grand Prix is currently engaged in the 11th series of national contests with the succesful completion of 7 qualifying national contests in Europe . The next contests will be held in Australia and South Africa during January 2023. The final of the 11th series…
SGP Poland 7

Sailplane Grand Prix Series 11 - Australia and South Africa

With the successful completion of the French National FAI SGP at Vinon the 11th series of the FAI SGP has now moved to the southern hemisphere events. The next event will be held at Gawler in Australia 2 - 8 of January 2023. Gawler was the host for the first ever SGP event and…
podium 1

Winners Declared at SGP Vinon

On the final podium of SGP Vinon Mike Young with 30 points took 1st place followed by Erik Borgmann 2nd with 29 points and Maximilian Seis 3rd with 27 points. The last SGP in Northern Hemisphere is over.Congratulations to Mike Young and Erik Borgmann for winning their ticket for…

SGP Vinon - View Live Coverage

You can follow all the racing action each day at SGP onglide 2D Tracking 3D Tracking Day 6 Tracking Day 5 Tracking Day 4 Tracking Day 3 Tracking Race 2 Tracking Race 1 Tracking
Podium Bosnia

Gintas Zube Wins SGP Bosnia and Herzogovina

In an exciting final race at Livno Gintas Zubefrom Lithuania won with a very high speed of 162 kph. He beat Germans Matthias Sturm and Stefan Langer to the finish line. Gintas has now qualified for the final next year in Pavullo, Italy, congratulations! Thank you all organisers…
Germany winner

SGP Germany Winners Declared

After a great racing week, SGP Germany at Eisenhutenstadt is now over and winners have been declared. The top three places were won by: 1 Dirk Windmüller AS33es 30 2 Robin Förster ASG-29E 18m 28 3 Andreas Kühl JS3 - 18m Jet 26 You can see the full race results at Crosscountry…

Mario Kiessling Wins SGP Italy

After six racing days, Mario Kiessling, Ventus-3t, Germany increased his points total and won SGP Italy in a tense, low flying race. Italian Thomas Gostner won the day finishing the championships on 16 points. He completed the 209km course with a speed of just 62 kph which…
Day4 3

Jon Gatfield Wins Race 5 at Varese

For the first time in this SGP the course took the contestants into the high Alps on a 254km course. With just two races to go the two overall leaders had tactical races - neither of them needed to win the day to qualify for the SGP finals. Jon Gatfield took 1st place with a…
Acao decollo traino 1

Mario Kiessling Wins Day 3 at SGP Italy

Mario Kiessling, Ventus-3t, Germany flew the awkward 136km task at 113 kph which broought him across the line 1st at Varese. After a rain day yesterday the pilots were itching to get back in the air today. Mario now has 14 poiints and is in 3rd position overall behind Alberto…
podium 2

Race 2 Won by Yves Gerster

Yves Gerster won a difficult but good soaring and now leads with 15p points. Peter Harvey took 2nd place and now has 8 points. Alberto Sironi came 3rd and after yesterday's win, has 14 points. With five more races to go it is still early days, so keep watching. On the first leg…

Alberto Sironi takes 1st Place on Day 1 of SGP Italy

The first race of SGP Italy got underway with a hopeful - but hazzardous weather forecast. Thundershowers along the route devlpoed and several pilots were unable to complete the task, and one pilot made a field landing near Cantù (Como). In the end six pilots completed the task…

Linas Miežlaiškis Wins SGP Lithuania

After three racing days at Paluknys the winner of SGP Lithuania is Linas Miežlaiškis from Lithuania. He gained 15 points in all which is enough to secure his place in the SGP Finals at Pavullo in Ausust 2023. Linas said, 'The day the fastest and the weather conditions were the…
SGP Poland 8

Łukasz Grabowski Wins SGP Poland

After seven racing days at Żar, the winner of SGP Poland is is Łukasz Grabowski. Marek Sawczuk took 2nd place, and Tilo Holighaus 3rd. Congratulations to the winner and all the competitors. Łukasz gained 40 points ahead of Marek on 26 and Tilo with 24 points. Łukasz will be…
Stefan Langer winner 1405

Stefan Langer Wins SGP Sweden

Congratulations to Stefan Langer - winner of the Sweden Sailplane Grand Prix 2022. After three no flying days, SGP Sweden concluded with a low fast 257km race over the forests and lakes of Sweden. German Stefan Langer won the day giving him 21 points in total. This was enough to…
Podium D2a

SGP Sweden Winner Day 2 - Klaus Kalmbach - No Race 13 May

Due to weather, there is no race at SGP Sweden today. But you can still keep up with what is going on at the airfield at After a slower more difficult race on Day 2 of SGP Sweden Klaus Kalmbach won the day finishing the 217km task at 97 kph. On Day 1 klaus…
Podium D1

SGP Sweden Race 1 Winners

After an exciting 289km race from Borås Hermann Leucker crossed the finish line in top position. Klaus Kalmbach and Clemens Berger finished close behind in second and third places. The contest got off to a good start with strong conditions to 5,000ft in good thermals. Herman…
Stefan Langer Sweden SGP

SGP Sweden Ready to Race

Sixteen pilots are ready to race in the first SGP of Series 11 at Borås, Sweden, from 8 to 14 May.Pilots from Sweden, Germany, Czechia, Great Britain and Finland will compete with the top two finishers qualifying for the SGP finals at Pavullo in September 2023.You can watch live…
Default Image

Soaring conditions flying from Eisenhüttenstadt

Eisenhüttenstadt is located in one of the most thermally active areas of Germany. The reasons for this are the very sandy ground with dry pine forests, the already very good continental location on the border to Poland, many lakes and a varied topography. Partly small ridges up…

Sailplane Grand Prix Series 11 Set to Start in May

Ten Qualifying SGPs wil be held leading up to the final at Pavullo, Italy in August 2023. During the spring and summer 2022, seven Grand Prix will take place starting with Borås, Sweden in May and culminating at Vinon in the French Alps in September. You can follow the races…
Boras 1

Sweden, Borås 8 - 14 May

Beautifully situated in the southwest of Sweden, along the river Viskan, Borås is a vibrant city with excellent cross country soaring conditions. Here is a run down of the conditions pilots can expect from Contest Director Kjell Folkesson Borås has an inland climate with…
Zar 1

Poland, Żar 15 - 21 May

Żar is famous for mountain soaring and is a beautiful landscape with varied conditions. SGP Żar promises exciting racing conditions and you can follow all the action at and here at
Paluknys Lithuania 4

Lithuania, Paluknys 29 May - 4 June

Soaring conditions are pretty standard, as for the flatland. Cloud bases are from 1,000 up to 2,000m, and usually stronger in May and June. July is still stable but cloud bases go lower and in August there are more cloudy days. Nevertheless, next to the Paluknys we have Varėna…
Acao decollo traino 1

Italy, Varese 5 - 11 June

If you want to fly in the Alps, Calcinate del Pesce on the shores of Lago di Varese is one of the most beautiful airfields in Europe to glide from, especially in spring time. From mid March to mid June you can fly very long cross country flights, both to the east and to the…
Eisenhutenstadt 1

Germany, Eisenhüttenstadt 24 - 30 July 2022

Soaring conditions flying from Eisenhüttenstadt Eisenhüttenstadt is located in one of the most thermally active areas of Germany. The reasons for this are the very sandy soil with dry pine forests, the already very good continental location on the border with Poland, many lakes…
Dinaric Alps

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Livno 30 July - 6 August

Livno is situated on a 700 meter high grassland plateau called Livanjsko Polje just next to a 60km long, 1,800m high ridgeline. The land type where Livno is situated is a mixture of Dalmatic lands towards the south, Herzegovina lands spanning from southwest to southeast, and…
Hermann Leucker

SGP Sweden - Borås 8 - 14 May

So far 19 out of a possible 20 pilots have registered to fly at SGP Borås. You can see the list of pilots and register to compete at Read what German entrant Hermann Leucker has to say about his preparations

Series 11 of Sailplane Grand Prix Announced

The FAI International Gliding Commission has announced the venues and dates for the 11th series of the FAI Sailplane Grand Prix (SGP) national qualifying events and the 11th SGP World final. The 2021 10th series final at St Aubin in France was the 72nd contest in the FAI/SGP…
SGP FInals St Auban Airfield Gliders

SGP Finals St Auban Brings Gliding to the World

The 10th FAI SGP Finals took place in spectacular style at St Auban 5 - 11 September. After the uncertainty of the past year, it was wonderful that 20 of the top glider pilots in the world were able to meet and fly together safely. At the end of six racing days, watched by…
eSport 4

1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix World Final 2021

From 5 to 11 September 2021, the 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World Final 2021, the first FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) approved World Aeronautical eSport contest, took place on the specialised simulator Condor 2. The 1st Virtual Sailplane Grand Prix - World…

Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

The FAI/SGP support the statement issued by FAI There will be no participation in any FAI/SGP event by a Russian or Belorussian national until the current aggression ends and Ukranian pilots are able to compete in FAI/SGP events under their own flag.